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Beyond management:

a unified business experience

Streamline your business processes, from employee feedback to project management, with myCompany

We're Just Getting Started

myCompany is in its early stages of development. We're working passionately to create a product that revolutionizes business processes. Join us on this journey and be among the first to experience the future of business management.

Our vision

Balancing Management & Employees

Empowering Leadership

Our tools strengthen managerial decisions while ensuring employees feel valued and informed.

Unified Vision

Facilitate a shared vision and understanding between teams and leaders, fostering a harmonious work environment.

Bridging Communication

Break down silos with seamless communication tools that ensure both management and employees are aligned and in sync.


How we change the game

Unified Platform

We integrate multiple business needs under one roof, from project management to employee engagement and performance tracking.

Project hub

Your centralized hub for projects. With a bird's-eye view of each project status, every team member has instant access to crucial resources.

Centralized Workspace

Easily gather thoughts, tasks, and notes with the ability of linking them to your projects and sharing them across your organization.

Centralized Activity Dashboard

Stay informed and updated with our unified dashboard. Seamlessly view the latest news, recent activities, and upcoming tasks all in one place.

Feedback & Check-ins

Empower employee growth and foster transparent communication. We provide the framework which allows managers and team members to align, share insights, and celebrate milestones.

Seamless integrations

Enhance your workflow with myCompany's integrated approach. Effortlessly sync with tools like Jira, GitHub, and more, ensuring all your essential platforms converge for streamlined collaboration.

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